Good Funeral Guild

The Good Funeral Guild is an initiative brought to you by the Good Funeral Guide CIC– the not for profit social enterprise dedicated to supporting, empowering and representing the interests of dying and bereaved people in the UK.


We are a collective of like-minded people working to change funerals for the better.


Membership of the Good Funeral Guild is open to anyone who is committed to improving funerals – for everyone.


NB The Good Funeral Guild is a membership organisation for the dissemination of funeral related information. The Guild in no way endorses individual members or their work and can not be held responsible for any member or member’s company failing to deliver best practice. Use of the Guild Logo is in no way an endorsement by the Guild or the Good Funeral Guide CIC of a member’s standard of delivery.

Our Mission

The mission of The Good Funeral Guild is not to reflect change in funerary practices but to be the change. We do this by:


Offering the means and opportunity for the exchange of ideas and proposals among Guild members


Fostering a spirit of community among people interested in end-of-life matters and funerals


Fostering collegial, supportive and collaborative practice among deathworkers


Debating both topical and enduring issues around end-of-life matters and funerals


Enabling discussion and debate between funeral professionals and the public


Commenting on and contributing to the evolution of funerary rites and practices


Monitoring and commenting on the funeral industry


Nurturing, supporting and encouraging innovative, progressive practice among undertakers and ceremony leaders and launching initiatives to improve the experiential value of funerals for bereaved people


Publishing the work of innovative thinkers


Raising public awareness of end-of-life and funeral consumer issues


Acting as an interface between the funeral industry and the public and promoting better public understanding of deathcare and the commemoration of the dead


Making available to the print and broadcast media information which will enable them to create useful, well-informed content


Creating a comprehensive information resource for funeral consumers


Lobbying HM Government and the funeral industry’s trade associations (NAFD and SAIF) in support of the interests of funeral consumers


The Good Funeral Guild welcomes members from Funeralworld and beyond.  

Our members include traditional and modern funeral directors, celebrants, ministers, grief counsellors, gravediggers, embalmers, stonemasons, memorial makers and many other people who are committed to improving funerals.


Membership of the Good Funeral Guild comes with many benefits:

Exclusive Facebook Group

This is the Facebook group for anyone with a professional or personal interest in improving funerals.


Professional Exposure

Public listing as a member of the Good Funeral Guild along with links to your work.

Event Invitations

Invitations to regional gatherings offering free, generous and confidential exchange of ideas and best practice with fellow Guild members.

Guest Blogs

Write for the influential GFG Blog on pressing matters related to funerals.


Introductions to useful contacts and likeminded people.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shop for the GFG – your feedback on funeral directors, natural burial grounds, cemeteries and crematoria will help build a picture of what is currently available for bereaved people in the UK.

Support & Guidance

Encouraging advice from Guild HQ is always only a phone call or email away.

Spread the Word

Post announcements, job vacancies and work experience requests.


Stay up-to-date with a regular Guild newsletter with the latest news from Funeralworld.


FREE copy (worth £4.99 if purchased from Amazon!) of Adventures in Funeralworld – the Best of the Good Funeral Guide Blog 2008-16

Oh and a shiny lapel pin!

All for the equivalent of £1.50 a week.


 You can set up a regular PayPal payment or a standing order – or we can invoice you annually, whichever you prefer.


Just drop us an email to let us know you’ve signed up and we’ll add you to the Members list.


If you’ve signed up for an annual payment we’ll add you to the Guild Facebook group straight away.


If you are setting up monthly payments, we’ll add you to the Facebook group later on.


By joining the Guild and helping support the work of the Good Funeral Guide, you will be helping to keep this essential resource available in the public domain for all the people who need it.


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We look forward to meeting you.

If you would like to join up then it’s easy –  either go straight to the PayPal button below and select the way you’d like to pay your subscription, or if you’d prefer a different payment method just email and tell us you want to be a Guild member. We’ll take it from there.